Monster Reborn
English: Monster Reborn
Arabic: أمر التجديد
Chinese: 死者蘇生
Croatian: Ponovno Rođenje
French: Monster Reborn
German: Wiedergeburt
Greek: Αναγέννηση Τέρατος
Italian: Mostro Resuscitato
Korean: 죽은 자의 소생
Portuguese: Monstro Renascido
Spanish: Monstruo Renacido
Thai: ชุบชีวิต
Japanese (Kanji): 死者蘇生
Japanese (Kana): ししゃそせい
Phonetic: Shisha Sosei
Translated: Raise Dead
Type: Spell CardsSpell
Property: NormalNormal
Number: 83764718

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