Gravity Bind
[1] English: Gravity Bind
[2] Arabic: وثاق الجاذبيّة
[3] French: Filet Gravitationnel
[4] German: Schwerkraftbindung
[5] Italian: Legame Gravitazionale
[6] Korean: 그레비티 바인드
[7] Portuguese: Laço de Gravidade
[8] Spanish: Atar a la Gravedad
[9] Japanese : グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-
[10] Phonetic: Guraviti Baindo - Chōjūryoku no Ami -
[11] Translated: Gravity Bind - Supergravity Net -
Type: Trap Cards[12]
Property: Continuous[13]
Number: 85742772
Passcode: 0HNFG9WX

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